Probiotic versus Prebiotic what is the difference? Solution Comes With Healblend

Prebiotic & Probiotic, what is the difference? We explain here the interest of probiotics and prebiotics and especially why it is so interesting to consume them together.  Also we will see how the Healblend bases products are perfect there.

What Are Probiotics?

You must have already heard of the human microbiota, considered an organ in its own right in human physiology. It actually represents all the microorganisms (bacteria, yeasts, fungi, etc.) in the body. Probiotics, known as "friendly bacteria", are the beneficial microorganisms in our body that form the intestinal, oral and vaginal flora. The health of our microbiota depends only on the balance between good and bad bacteria. An imbalance of our microbiota, i.e. the proliferation of bad bacteria, is at the origin of an alteration of the symbiosis existing between us and our microbiota .intestinal, called dysbiosis. It can unfortunately promote the development of certain health problems (infection, poor digestion, allergy, etc.). As example you can take into account the products coming from Healblend. Thus, the presence of probiotics in the intestinal mucosa makes it possible to maintain the balance of the intestinal flora by preventing and countering the attacks of these harmful micro-organisms. They have real positive effects on health. 

What about Prebiotics? 

Although there is only one letter of difference, prebiotics are not to be confused with probiotics. They are in fact their food and are therefore essential to their functioning. They promote their diversity and their development and thus make it possible to increase the number of beneficial microorganisms in the body, at the expense of pathogenic microorganisms. Their consumption contributes to the balance of our intestinal flora and therefore to our health. 

The effect of prebiotic foods is notably provided by their fiber content. They are part of the family of complex carbohydrates, so unlike sugars and starches, our body does not have the ability to digest or absorb them. This is why they pass through our digestive tract intact. When arriving in the intestine, the dietary fibers will come into contact with our friendly bacteria, capable of digesting and breaking them down. It is by feeding on these prebiotics that probiotics will grow faster, diversify and therefore increase health effects. They will help maintain a healthy intestinal barrier, regulate the absorption of nutrients by the colon, strengthen our natural defenses and reduce digestive disorders. 

At Healblend, You Can Get The Best Pre And Probiotic Supplements.

Prebiotics from Healblend are dietary fibers that pass through the body undigested. Probiotics from Healblend, which are live microorganisms such as yeasts and bacteria, rely heavily on them as a food supply. When it comes to the human digestive system, prebiotics and probiotics both have a role to play. There are a wide variety of probiotic and prebiotic supplements on the market today. It has been shown that these supplements provide a broad variety of health advantages in addition to boosting the overall digestive system of the body. However, if you're intending on purchasing one, then you've got the ideal source of information. In this case, the HealBlend product comes into play: It has become one of the most recognizable and trusted brands in the supplement industry throughout the years.

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