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What is D-Mannose?

D-mannose is a "minor sugar". It is not a nutrient for humans, is not digested and does not accumulate in the body, but performs important functions in it. Usually people get d monnose from foods such as cranberries, apples, oranges.We create D-Mannose from larch wood: this tree is a valuable source of dmannose due to its high content of galactomannans, polysaccharides that contain mannose.

How does D-Mannose work?

When the urine contains a sufficient amount of d-manose, pathogenic microbes "mistake" it for the epithelium of the bladder and begin to attach to its molecules dissolved in urine. Thus, bacteria are trapped and excreted from the bladder during urination.

Is it true that D-Mannose has a positive effect on immune function?

D-mannose is involved in the formation of signaling molecules, immune bodies, through which cells interact with each other. When mannose enters the body in sufficient quantities, the mechanism of formation of cellular receptors and cellular structures works in the best way, which has a positive effect on the state of the immune system.

Is it possible to combine taking D-Mannose and antibiotics?

Yes, this d mannose capsules are safe to take along with any medications, including antibiotics.

Is it possible to take D-Mannose for diabetes mellitus?

Although D-Mannose is a form of glucose, it does not cause a sugar spike, so it can be taken for diabetes. If you have a medical condition or need to take medication, it is better to additionally ask your doctor about it.

Do I need to pause taking capsules after one jar is finished?

No, this supplement can be taken for a long time, including continuously. The effect of taking it does not decrease.