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What is the best type of digestive enzyme to take?

The best supplement should include proteases, lipases, and amylases, as well as probiotics and lactobacillus.

Is it OK to take capsules every day?

Yes, being a dietary supplement, it does not cause any negative effects. Instead, the product causes a positive result only during continuous regular consumption. Daily consumption only improves the benefit of the supplement.

Is it better to take probiotics or capsules?

Probiotics are included in the digestive enzyme capsules. Besides, they have other essential components. Thus, the latter is an advanced solution with richer content.

Can I take magnesium and enzymes together?

Surely. Modern medicine does not declare any contradiction. Moreover, both components can create synergy, giving extra benefit to the body.

Do capsules affect hormones?

No, the supplement does not affect the hormonal level of the body. It’s only aimed at the normalization of the digestive system.

How do you check enzyme levels?

If you want to know whether the nutrient level of your body is optimal, you have to pass medical examinations.