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Is Women’s Support Complex Advanced Formula by Healblend safe?

This supplement contains herbal ingredients in quantities that, if taken correctly, will not do any harm. Taking these capsules can be compared to taking a daily portion of soup or salad. Agree, it is strange to expect that natural food can do harm.

Does the Advanced Formula Women’s Support Complex work immediately?

You will notice the effect of taking the supplement after an average a week of taking it. The full effect will be revealed with daily intake of capsules for two months.

What are the side effects of the Women's Support Complex?

Taking this supplement does not cause side effects. They can only occur if there is an allergic reaction to soy.  If you are allergic to this ingredient, stop taking this supplement.

Do herbal supplements really work?

Traditional recipes based on herbs and plant roots are still relevant today. These supplements to help women's hormones are characterized by rare side effects and effectiveness.

Is Women’s Support Complex Advanced Formula certified?

All our products are manufactured in the USA and have mandatory certificates confirming their quality and reliability.