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Do you keep your blog and follow a healthy lifestyle?

We are looking for ambassadors and influencers
to represent the Healblend brand! 
Maybe you're the one we need!

Our mission is to create products that will be better for YOU and better for OUR planet

We use new technologies and pay great attention to the production and testing of our supplements


About Healbend Supplements

Immune Support

This powerful immune booster has been formulated with the highest quality natural ingredients to help keep your immune system strong.

Brain Boosters

Enjoy naturally renewed energy, powered by your improved brain function, lasting mental clarity, renewed mood and a confident outlook on life.


Our probiotic nutritional supplements daily blend naturally aids the stomach's digestive environment and supports the natural stomach balance.

For the keto diet

These powerful supplements will not only accelerate the entry into ketosis, but also change your attitude towards yourself! Be more energetic and productive!


Our Collagen dietary supplements promotes healthy joints, cartilage and body. This is All you need to slow down aging.

Program perks

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20% promo code for your audience

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Partner only exclusive promos and offers

Social channels
Opportunity to be featured on social channels

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Share with customers the history of taking our supplements

If you are:

  • Active on social media
  • Believe in our product and mission
  • Current resident of the United States

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